12 business ideas

This CNN Money article has 12 ideas for starting your business. The details are pretty weak on investing in Libya so there’s not much guidance at all, but there are some interesting details about gold mines in Bolivia. Here is a list of the ideas:

1. Build cheap Wi-Fi networks for Brazilian resorts.
2. Become a biodiesel producer in Argentina.
3. Create an ad network for India’s mobile content developers.
4. Launch an exclusive social network for Russian millionaires.
5. Open an American-style restaurant in one of China’s fast-growing cities.
6. Remodel homes for China’s burgeoning middle class.
7 Flip mining claims in Bolivia.
8. Export the planet’s next great wines – from Greece.
9. Import fine wines to upscale restaurants – in India.
10. Export gourmet coffee from Rwanda.
11. Become a social entrepreneur in South Africa.
12. Be among the first to invest in the new Libya.

One Response to “12 business ideas”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Its the best post ever for all the existing enterpreneurers as they can look into their lackings and offcourse for the ones who are planning to be self employed. Thanx on their part James!!!