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The disaster or security bubble and investors

Monday, September 10th, 2007

This article talks mostly about politics but there is a message for investors. You can try to profit from the security bubble but like the dotcom bubble it may not last forever…

Like the dotcom bubble, the disaster bubble is inflating in an ad-hoc and chaotic fashion. One of the first booms for the homeland security industry was surveillance cameras, 30m of which have been installed in the US, shooting about 4bn hours of footage a year. That created a problem: who’s going to watch 4bn hours of footage? So a new market emerged for “analytic software” that scans the tapes and creates matches with images already on file.

Stock shares in frames

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Investors rarely think one share at a time (although with expenive stocks -think WPO- and small investors -like me- it’s possible). However, I suppose a framed share of stock could make a nice gift.

The website I link to here has some great gift ideas. I could see getting a Disney fan (I know young and old ones) a share of Disney stock. This is a good looking piece of stock as it has some Disney characters surrounding Walt. Framed, it could be a nice decoration.

If a Disney share is not your thing, perhaps a company that has seen excellent stock performance… Harley Davidson stock is not as colorful as Disney but you will see the company’s logo at the top of your certificate. Ebay stock is fairly colorful thanks to the company‚Äôs bright logo. Hershey stock is a little boring with no candy theme. Anheuser Busch has some color, but I’d go with Ebay, Disney, or Harley for decoartions myself.

Any of these will cost you the price of the stock, the price of the frame, plus $33. For example here’s what Ebay will cost you:

Stock Price $33.64
Frame Price $25.00
Processing Fee $33.00
Total Price $91.64

Clearly, you’re not buying one share at a time as an investment, but it might be easier to match a stock certificate to your home than a piece of art. And a frmaed piece of art isn’t going to be any less expensive I don’t think.