2008 Dodge Challenger: Do US automakers know where they’re going?

According to this article about the 2008 Dodge Challenger, some believe this is the right direction for US automakers:

“The problem the domestics have had for years is that they abandoned their blue-collar buyers and ventured out into new horizons and forgot their roots,” Lindland said.

The domestics attempted to win over Toyota and Honda buyers with high-mileage sedans, rather than wooing the millions of NASCAR fans with performance.

With gas prices being what they are, I’m not so sure that muscle cars (and I’m sure the Cahllenger will be popular – heck I want one) are really a large growing market.

This article (which has a picture you can enlarge) goes into a bit more detail about why this is a good decision – apparently it will be chaep to produce, using lots of stuff from cars already in production.

If the Challenger really is priced to compete with the Mustang, this might help the company’s stock.

One Response to “2008 Dodge Challenger: Do US automakers know where they’re going?”

  1. charles winslow says:

    The bottom line for the “domestics” isnt that they have abandoned their blue collar buyers, its that they produce poor quality computerized garbage.

    My wife and I have been renting SUVs for a week at a time so that we can put them through real test drives before we buy one. I, because I really am old fasion, wanted to buy a product that was made by an American company. After renting almost all of them and then breaking down and renting a Mitubishi (sic?) I hate to say this but the quality of Ford, GM and Chrysler really suck.

    I also hate to say, but we are now just like the British were before they lost all of their “domestic” car makers. They made some of the coolest cars the world has ever seen (I had a Midget Mark III) but their quality was bad.

    Same with detroit. Challenger may look great and will in a year or so when it is sitting on the side of the road with its hood up.

    Ironic, isnt it, that we refuse to learn quality control from the Japanese.

    The way that the US automakers have lost the blue color buyer is by making cars that cant be played with. One of the appeal for the little rice rockets is the fact that you can modify them and all sorts of stuff to them to “soup them up”. When I was a rotten little kid I had a 70 mustang and a 68 cougar with lift kits.

    What do you think would happen if you wanted to jazz up a new mustang?

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