3 new stock ideas

I used the Yahoo Finance stock screener to look for stock yielding better than 3%, with a profit margin better than 10%, a PEG lower than 1.5, and sales revenue greater than 1 million US dollars. A lot of the results were banks; not interested but three caught my eye:

China Telecom (CHA) yields just over 3% and, according to some analysts, is due to get to 40 dollars in a year. Currently at 32 after a 4% gain this morning.

American Capital Strategies (ACAS) reminds me of MCGC. Yield is over 10% and PEG is right around 1. Since I’m in MCGC I hesitate to invest in a seemingly similar company.

Mills Corp (MLS) yields 5.4% and is a real estate investment trust. It seems that many analysts (according to Yahoo finance) like this one.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own investment research!

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