A lot of house for $200,000 on 5th Ave. in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh didn’t make the list of most resilient real estate markets, but some investors call real estate in Pittsburgh undervalued.

Anyway, this much house in or near a city for $200,000 is new to me:

The carefully restored 1871 town house boasts 14-foot ceilings, three bedrooms, 31/2 baths, original pine floors and oversized molding, furniture and artwork. But the real surprise is the 28-foot-long in-ground swimming pool surrounded by mature trees and shrubs in the side yard. Next to the pool is a 20-by-20-foot deck shaded by wisteria, with a two-car garage beneath.

The neighborhood is supposedly getting better but they still say not to go for walks at night or take your abby out for a ride in the stroller by day…

Here’s an article about Pittsburgh working to improve a problem area.

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