A Marvel-ous summer defense?

Summer is not always the best season for stock markets. The market has become choppy and may remain so. How do we protect ourselves? I already talked about stocks with dividends and see that as my main defense.

Another option is to look for stocks that might get good news soon. I’ve talked about Lifeline Biotechnologies – LBTT.pk before (Lifeline Biotechnologies – lbtt.pk update) and they may be due for good news but are a risky investment.

Today I’m going to talk about a stock I used to own. I bought Marvel Enterprises- MVL – the comic book company around 19-20 and sold around 24. When the stock went up to 29 I figured I had misjudged (I had sold because I thought that The Punisher wouldn’t have enough mainstream appeal to be a spiderman type blockbuster). Spiderman 2 approaches (interesting article on Spiderman/MLB advertising) and Marvel seems reasonable at 19.30. Yahoo! finance quotes a 15.5 PE, an 18.2 forward PE, and a 1.2 PEG. Motley Fool has been bullish since the stock was at 5.00 and they still see Marvel Enterprises as a company with excellent financials and lots of room for growth. I don’t own MVL but I considering it. If Spiderman 2 is a huge hit, MVL stock might ride the news upward…

One Response to “A Marvel-ous summer defense?”

  1. Hello!

    Just reading through your blog and thought that I would suggest you take a look at the other Marvell, the Marvell Technology Group (MRVL) which I just reviewed in my blog. They aren’t so much the Superman and Joker type of stock, more a chip and communication investment!

    Great job and I enjoy your blog!