Americans jailed in Indonesia and Kazakhstan = tough environment for investors

Investors need to think about where their money is as Americans are running into legal trouble in places like Indonesia where Richard Ness is about to learn the outcome of his trial:

Foreign investors are already anxious about doing business in Indonesia, which boasts some of the world’s largest gold, tin, copper and nickel deposits but is also considered among the most corrupt nations. Red tape and rising prices add to their concerns.

There’s also trouble in Kazakhstan where Mark Seidenfeld, a 39-year-old American telecommunications executive who’s probably more innocent than Richard Ness was jailed in Siberia. Apparently in Kazakhstan the courts work to help locals with connections:

“Of course we have a judicial system that can be abused,” said Oraz Jandosov, co-chairman of Ak Zhol, an opposition political party, and the former chief of the central bank. “Our courts are not only corrupt but competence is an issue. Not only can Americans be squeezed but vice versa. It’s the natural result of the country’s current political system.”

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