An investing web site

I found another finance site that I want to share, the Investing Site. Like this blog, they cover more than just investing; topics like tax and loans are also discussed.

The primary focus is on investing though, and they have a good collection of links for learning to invest. I was going to complain about their link to Motley Fool’s fool school, but I discuss their articles fairly often even if I don’t agree with their sales tactics.

Motley Fool shows up again in their stock market links, apparently it’s their personal favorite. They do link to my favorites, including Yahoo Finance and Morningstar. They also get more specific, with categories like IPO information and others.

With non-investing stuff, I’d at least check out their debt resources. It’s a topic I cover occasionally, but it’s a huge topic and the dedicated sites they link to are going to be much more comprehensive than the few times I mention loans in this blog.

As you can tell, I think this is a good site that’s well worth visiting for its focused collection of quality investing and finance resources.

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