Asian markets

I’ve started looking for mutual funds and ETFs that follow the markets of China, India, and Thailand because I read an article (sorry I can’t link to it, but I read it in Kuala Lumpur and can’t find it online) about how these three countries are expected to perform quite well.

As always, remember that I’m just here to share my stock market ideas. I don’t claim to be an expert so you always have to do your own research. Don’t go buy Chinese stocks and claim that I told you to. I’m just saying that you might want to do some research on these three markets.

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4 Responses to “Asian markets”

  1. stockdude says:

    Have you considered IFN, The India Fund, probably the most popular way of playing India. I think it’s currently a tad overvalued but I’d buy in in the low twenties.

  2. Stockdude says:

    RE: your last idea. I’ve been in on a similar company for two years now. (ALD) Allied Capital, nother great high yielding vc firm nad the principal has moved nicely upwardds as well. There’s another one called American Strategic capital or something close to that. One thing I look for in high yielding stocks like this one is that the dividend payments have increased over the years, always a good sign. BTW I like these kind of investments over reits and income trusts for 2004.

  3. James Trotta says:

    I’ve reduced my REIT holdings, moving out of CN entirely and halving my position in IMH. However in the interests of diversity I plan to keep some shares of IMH, at least as long as the dividend yield is over 10%.

  4. jason ketner says:

    I just received an unsolicited email from tommqhhnhqrbank@msn (no not a typo) regarding CWTD – China World Trade Corp. It made some news this time last year for a deal it struck with AirChina, but hasn’t done much and is around 2.8 a share. He is saying on speculation I gather that it will hit 6 to 8 in 12 to 18 days. On what information he didn’t say besides “look for some news coming out on them. Anyone heard anything either way for CWTD?