Bad day for my stocks – FDP MCGC

FDP had some bad results fromits earnign release. The stock fell to 24.05. W.D. Crotty sees a company that provides something people need (fruit and vegatables) and has a superior balance sheet. He’s a long term bull on the stock.

MCGC also came out with earnings. No one was impressed, and the stock fell to 16.20 which pushes the dividend over 10 percent. As long as they maintain their dividend, I plan to hold.

2 Responses to “Bad day for my stocks – FDP MCGC”

  1. Hey there, this carnage on the mkts is starting to hurt a little. Everything’s hurting, just when two of my plays FAF and CRAI were making a comeback, another plummet session. A good site you should check out is it has a great stock screen on it that “sniffs out winners”

  2. James Trotta says:

    That’s an interesting site. Most of us leave humor out of our finance sites so when i visit one with a dog barking and statements that people deny the site even exists I wonder how seriously to take it. At least at first. They seem to know what they’re talking about. Nice to see that they have FDP as a good buy…