Be careful when you buy a home because people are trying to screw you

This article talks about some of the issues you face finding a home inspector in Pennsylvania, but everyone needs to be careful finding a home inspector. More generally, before you buy a house you really have to make sure you’re not getting screwed.

I know of one case in New Jersey where the sellers cheated on a radon test. The buyers moved in thinking everything was fine but when they went to sell they realized two things:

1. They and their children had been living in a very high radon environment.
2. They would now either have to cheat the new buyers like they had been cheated or they would have to spend thousands of dollars trying to reduce radon levels in the home.

Radon tests are extremely easy to cheat on (too bad they didn’t know that before buying the house) but they chose option #2 and lost a lot of money.

The same people then bought a house on the Jersey shore. Home inspection was no problem when they bought the house but when they went to sell…

Their dock violated some laws and had to be ripped up and rebuilt. $50,000. The electric had to be redone, etc. The previous owner and the inspector had screwed them. It took them about 12 months longer to sell the house than it should have so in addition to that $50,000 they had 12 months worth of taxes and lawyers and stuff.

Plus the stress was unbelievable. These poor people could hardly talk about anything else during that time. It screwed up their retirement plans pretty good.

So anyway, when you’re buying a home you need to be extremely careful. You can get majorly screwed.

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