Boeing not done yet

Boeing has not walked away from the battle with Airbus and seems to be winning back some customers with its new fuell efficient plane:

First, he said Boeing was in talks with another 27 airlines over potentially 427 more orders for its new 787 Dreamliner – raising the prospect of nearly 700 orders for the fuel-efficient, long-range 250-seater jet.
Airbus has so far secured 10 orders for its A350 twin-engined jet compared with 266 for Boeing’s 787. It is due to announce 100 more orders this week, although there are now serious doubts about whether the Emirates and Qatar Airlines will go ahead.

I saw a segment on BBC World News that this represents a different view on what airlines want: Smaller, more efficient planes vs. the huge plane like the Arirbus A380 with 555 seats. My money’s on the smaller, more efficient planes. You never know when a natural disaster or geopolitical uncertainty will reduce flight passengers, making the 555 seat jets somewhat risky. Also, with the smaller jets an airline can operate more flights, providing customers with a more convenient schedule. And we all know how important fuel efficiency is today.

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