Do you buy on really bad news? OVTI update

I wrote about OVTI on June 9: Buy on bad news? OVTI – Omnivision Technologies Inc. Well if you did buy, you should have waited for the rest of the bad news. We’re now seeing a few class action lawsuits. The stock is down some more, currently around 16.12. So the question should be changed to “do you buy on really bad news?”

2 Responses to “Do you buy on really bad news? OVTI update”

  1. greedyturtle says:

    It seems all bad news are out. Investors are panic. A new low in mid 14’s. With market cap at $800 millions and camara phone production for Chrismas heating up, I don’t see why we should not buy here. However, to buy at the exact low is impossile.

  2. James Trotta says:

    I bought and missed the exact low by over 2 dollars but I think it’ll be a good move.