First-Health Coventry insurance denies cancer treatments, morphine

Here’s a scary article for you. And the widow’s story is even worse.

“My mother always told me to get a good job with insurance. For what? It hasn’t done anything,” Julie Pierce said. Julie Pierce watched Tracy Pierce, her 37-year-old husband, die from cancer while their insurance company denied every doctor recommendation, from treatments for his kidey cancer to morphime to ease the pain after the untreated cancer had pretty much killed him.

First-Health Coventry deemed the treatments were either not a medical necessity or experimental. To me this indicates the importance of having enough savings and investments to take care fo yourself in case of an emergency. Perhaps that’s why I take few risks with my investments.

2 Responses to “First-Health Coventry insurance denies cancer treatments, morphine”

  1. Ewing says:

    Truly scary article. When a man’s dying agony is weighed against a corporate bottom line. Thank God for socialized healthcare.

  2. Andy says:

    The insurance company was wrong and should be “spanked” but the FDA also takes some blame by assuming that the pharmacitical company’s “Cartel” controls the political leaders who in return make these treatments very difficult to obtain. Doctors are afraid to prescribe the medications or they will be on a “blacklist”. Even the DEA is to blame by not allowing the patient to buy the medication overseas at a fraction of the cost and would probably be even lower than the “copay” the insurance companies charge.