Generate passive income from online business

According to Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant, the key to success is investing passive income from businesses you own.

As regular readers know, from time to time I share information on generating income through businesses because having a non-stock based supplemental income is a prudent financial move. It is revenue that can be invested and keeps producing during the occasional stock market hiccup. Mark Wallace’s site expands on some of those opportunities for supplemental income.

What very few people realise is that web properties are an asset class in a league of their own when it comes to yield on capital. Websites often outperform stocks and shares, they can outperform commodities, and they can outperform real estate. Really!

Before you rush off to buy one now you need to bear in mind that web properties do require a little more expertise than the acquisition and holding of gilts. This guide to buying sites is both simple and comprehensive. Should you dip your toe in the water and find it addictive label yourself a webmaster and head over to the tongue-in-cheek glossary.

And, if you decide that it’s all too much hard work (only certain web sites are true businesses in that the owner doesn’t have to do a lot of the work – the article I linked to will cover that in more detail), you could explore the other legitimate money generating options and ideas on that site.

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