How to close a TD Ameritrade acocunt without paying a fee?

Someone recently asked the following question:

Could use some help with the company. TD Ameritrade took over Waterhouse and customer service has gone in the toilet. When I called about transferring accounts to another firm, they said there’s a $75 closure fee per account and we have about 5 accounts. Does anyone know how to avoid the fees? I can’t get information from the company and every time I call them, there’s a 1/2 hour wait to talk. Does anyone known what to do?

One of my friends said he worked for Ameritrade for 3 years prior to leaving to go to Citi, service used to be good but in order to meet their synergy numbers for the street they laid off a ton of people, mostly those in the call centers in Omaha and Ft. Worth Not sure how to avoid the fee, what you can do is ask the firm you are transferring the accounts to for credits or fee waivers to off set those, most firms do this.

I thought this was an interesting one because I started with TD Waterhouse and left for Ameritrade because of crappy customer service plus a technical problem with their website that messed up one of my trades. So I thought it was funny when the company I left was bought by the company I joined. Now the company I joined is becoming the company I left…

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  1. mike says:

    try zecco.. service is good