Interest rates, Impac Mortgage, and Tyco

So as expected the Fed left interest rates unchanged but removed the word “patience” and signalled a gradual increase in rates. The experts on CNBC TV were predicting a 25 basis point increase at some point this summer, possibly August.

Investors like predictable economic conditions, so overall this was good news. IMH, a company I write about often and one of the core holdings in my portfolio responded especially well, perhaps mostly due to a positive earnings report. Shares were up almost 4 percent but the dividend is still over 13 percent.

Tyco also had some good news in the form of higher earnings. Shares are up nearly 4%.

2 Responses to “Interest rates, Impac Mortgage, and Tyco”

  1. IMHFAN says:

    Hey James, fellow IMH fan here, I picked up AUO early today after Taiwan dipped as a whole and AUO was down over a dollar. Now it’s climbing back up nicely and I’m already in the green on it. Thanks for recommending it earlier on, I had never heard of it before.

  2. James Trotta says:

    Hope it works out for you. I haven’t bought AUO but it’s still up for consideration.