Investing in India

Because India is the fifth largest economy in the world, has the second largest purchasing power of emerging nations, and holds the third largest GDP in Asia, India offers great market potential in terms of growth, earnings, and possibility.

India is divided into classes and their middle class is growing quickly. Already large, the middle class is what is making the economy in India so strong. The wages are low and many of the workers are overqualified for their jobs, well educated and speak multiple languages including English (there are 17 official languages). This added to the 6 major religions adds diversity to the country which also boosts India

One Response to “Investing in India”

  1. Amit says:

    Indian businesses spanning various industries (not just IT) are showing excellent growth rates and some are even beginning to make forays abroad through partnerships and acquisitions.

    Infrastructure is not as much a bottleneck for businesses as it used to be even a few years back. Stock markets are soaring, buoyed by foreign institutions as well as domestic mutual funds. India is an opportunity well worth exploring.

    Incidentally, the Indian stock market is more volatile than those in the developed countries, whch offers possibly greater scope for making profits both in the short term (buying low, selling high) as well as in the long term (buy-and-hold). It is not uncommon for certain mid-cap stocks to swing by 10-15% in a day!