Investing In Renewable Energy Stocks

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You want to find a way to make your money work for you instead of you working for your money. One good way is to invest in stocks. You purchase stocks in what are called shares. When you buy shares from a company you are actually buying a portion of that company. So the more shares you purchase the more you will make when the company makes a profit. There are many different types of stock to choose from and it can be overwhelming to find a company to invest in. A good starting point is to think of something you have an interest in, for example the environment. An increasingly popular stock to
invest in is a renewable energy stock. So lets take a look at it. Renewable energy is energy that is continuously being replenished such as wind and
solar energy.

There are three sources investors could deal with. First is the sun, more utilities are being run by solar power. The solar power uses solar cells to absorb photons and loosen electrons, which in turn produces electricity. Then there is hydrogen the most abundant element. Hydrogen is being used frequently now by car manufacturers. Fortunately for investors most hydrogen-based companies are now public. The last source for renewable energy stock
investors is wind. Wind is a competitive alternative to coal and natural gas to produce electricity. Unfortunately for now there are not many public companies.
People today are using roughly two percent of renewable energy, making this appear to not be the best stock to invest in. Appearances can be deceiving, take a look at government and state incentives for cleaner air. Investing in renewable stocks can be a little risky. Some of the companies are fairly new and depend on government grants. Of course that being said, you always take somewhat of a risk when you invest in anything. You will see that investing in renewable energy stocks could be quite lucrative.

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