Is Philadelphia the right place to invest in real estate?

According to this National Geographic Traveler article, and one I can’t link to because I read it on an airplane, Philadelphia is rebounding. If they are right, real estate prices will increase. There are many reasons, but this is probably the most compelling:

The renaissance of Philadelphia restaurants goes hand in hand with the revitalization of its neighborhoods, John Mariani tells me later. “Restaurants throw light on streets,” says the Esquire food critic and co-author of the Italian-American Cookbook. “Sometimes a single restaurant can revitalize a whole section.” Enterprising restaurateurs like Susanna Foo and her Walnut Street eatery, Georges Perrier and his Le Bec-Fin and, of course, Stephen Starr, are bringing the City Center—and Philly cuisine—back to eminence. “It’s back, big time,” Mariani says.

People walking on the sidewalk make neighborhoods safe. And fun. That means people want to live there, driving up real estate prices.

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