Learn about Forex, Currency Trading, & Currency Exchange Markets

Forex is the single largest financial market. Each day over a trillion dollars worth of currency changes hands. With that sum of money exchanging hands there is significant opportunity in currency markets, especially considering that you can leverage your Forex purchase power by a factor of 20.

With the ever increasing US debt, trade imbalances, the possible fall of the Euro, the pending Chinese Yuan revaluation, US Dollar fluctuations related to Greenspan and company changing interest rates, and global oil shortages there are large swings in global currency values.

Read Forex 101 if you want to learn more about how you can take advantage of the opportunities in FX markets.

2 Responses to “Learn about Forex, Currency Trading, & Currency Exchange Markets”

  1. Matthew Fong says:

    Actually, it’s pretty easy to leverage 50:1 in the forex market. Infact some brokers even offer 100:1 and 500:1 leverage…risky? yah…

  2. Bioguy says:

    Why did NitroMed (NTMD) only increase 13% on news that it would begin sales of its drug BilDil by 7 July? Based on the market for Nitric Oxide drugs BilDil should bring sales of $220 million by 4Q 2005 and $550M by 3Q 2006. That would put NTMD’s book value at $42/share. It is currently priced at $22/sh. Why is there such an unvaluation of this stock. Is it still undiscovered?