Mad Money dedicated blog

So I found a relatively new blog, with archives going back to Decmber 2005: Jim Cramer’s Mad Money. As you might imagine, a big focus is placed on Cramer’s stock picks. To find out which stocks Jim Cramer is recommending, go to Mad Money Stock Picks. The blogger bolds the picks he likes and you end up with interesting companies like Microsoft which was recommended on May 12th.

You may recall last week, when Cramer said “We’re so clearly the worst of the world today…You gotta love the French and Germans. They’re socialists and they’re killing us. They don’t have central banks that are opaque and difficult to understand.” I’m not convinced that the German economy is killing anyone – there are reports that unemployment is higher than being reported. Still, Cramer’s Stop Trading contains lots of bullish sentiment.

All in all, Mad Money is a blog worth checking in on to find out which stock picks Cramer and our blogging friend have in common.

By the way, you might start seeing a little more about Cramer on this blog. I feel like the only stock blogger not talking about Cramer sometimes…

One Response to “Mad Money dedicated blog”

  1. M.J. Kleinhenz says:

    It’s the individual investor’s fault if they follow Cramer’s “boo-yah” stock picks without putting any thought into it. If they are sheep then it’s to the slaughter they will go.