Manipulative fiancee trying to get future wife’s 401k

Michelle Singletary of The Washington Post has an interesting article which covers financial decisions made by couples. The first part is about a manipulative fiancee who won’t marry his betrothed unless she agrees to empty out her 401k and spend it on his daughter’s education (and buy her a new car). Of course, that’s crap – big decisions like emptying out a 401k need to be unanimous.

One Response to “Manipulative fiancee trying to get future wife’s 401k”

  1. Gina Kay says:

    I think he is a fool living in the ancient times when patriarchy existed. This is 21st century my dear and gals are’nt going to surrender to your foolish demends and its better for the gal to break up the marriage rather than having such a manipulative and money-minded husband in future.