New Finance news & forum

Here’s a finance news site that stays pretty current with interesting articles posted on the main page. Each article can be discussed in the finance and investing forum.

Anyway, since I’m obsessed with gold and silver and interested in oil, I’ll be paying close attention to the commodities news. They’ve got the important information on silver’s 20% gain so far this year and recent highs. Regular readers will know that this works well for me since I invest in CEF, which invests in gold and silver) and IAG (primarily gold).

If you’re more interested in currencies, the Forex news is for you. I don’t see any news on the Korean won yet, a currency that has gotten much stronger vs. the dollar over the past 5 years. When I moved to Korea in 2001, it was about 1,350 won to the dollar. Now we’re under 1,000 won to the dollar.

Anyway, it’s a well-designed site with good information. The forums are still relatively new, so if you join now you’ll have an opportunity to make a name for yourself.

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