newspapers being acquired by real estate moguls

I thought this was an interesting look at the recent acquisitions of newspapers led by real estate moguls. Interestingly, these seem to be fairly low-risk deals:

Zell is gaining effective control of Tribune in a complex deal that calls for him to inject only $315 million of his own money. By converting it to employee stock ownership, the company also will no longer be subject to corporate income taxes that now total hundreds of millions of dollars annually, making it easier to pay off $5 billion in new debt.

With all the talk about newspaper stocks, I want to take another look at Washington Post stock.

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  1. Sine qua non says:

    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the heads-up about the teaching job a month ago. I couldn’t take it, but thanks anyway!

    I think a stock discussion website could become really popular. I’ve been participating on a few boards over at Yahoo for HDL, AOI, and UVV (long HDL; long/short UVV/AOI, respectively). But I don’t know of any good stock discussion boards; even Yahoo is a little iffy.

    Let’s get together for dinner sometime soon!