Oil prices and record profits

It’s probably impossible for you to ahve missed this “news” but it’s equally impossible for me not to comment on it. Oil prices are over 72.00/barrel. I’m quite surprised and have no idea how long it will last. For now, though, companies like Exxon are making more money than ever before (as are their former executives). A few related articles from this blog:

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2 Responses to “Oil prices and record profits”

  1. Jason Chew says:

    Wow! Oil price has been over 72 a barrel. Generally when oil price is going up stock markets will not be doing well. To offset the market flunctuations, may be is good to look at gold investing and diversify the portfolio to include gold as a small component.

  2. danny says:

    Oil prices and stock markets r alike as they r always fluctuating. I m shocked to know the price of oil. Wopping 72 a barrel! But the profit making season for Exxon. How long the oil prices will on keep rising like that?