Pfizer – will history repeat?

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Since the pharmaceutical company Pfizer was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1849 it has become and has continued to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmacological products. In addition to the long established list of over-the-counter medicines that Pfizer has developed and continues to improve and manufacture, they can also boast an impressive list of life-saving and breakthrough prescription drugs. I’ve even seen my dog get Pfizer prescriptions.

Here’s a little Pfizer history: With the development of their very first product, an intestinal worm treatment drug called santonin, the then-small company established itself as a pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer to be reckoned with. Although santonin was already a known treatment for intestinal worms, few people were willing to ingest it due to its extremely bitter taste. Through tireless research, Pfizer’s founders, German-born Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart, found a way to combine the chemical with flavorings that made it much easier for patients to take, and santonin soon became a much more popular treatment. It is this kind of innovation and dedication that established Pfizer as a leading chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer – a reputation that remains with the company today.

Research is the mainstay of pharmaceutical companies. A drug company’s stock price will reflect not only its current product sales but also the strength or perceived strength of its product pipeline. Pfizer’s focus on research has continued to produce breakthrough drugs and treatments that have not only saved lives, but have improved the quality of life for many consumers. In the early 1940’s, Pfizer developed a way to mass produce penicillin through a fermentation process, which resulted in the drug being available on a much wider scale than was previously possible. The company’s research also produced the first widely successful drug for erectile dysfunction in the 1990’s – and for many males, quality of life was greatly improved.

I don’t know when the next breakthrough will come but it seems likely to me that eventually Pfizer will come up with another blockbuster and stock prices will rise. I bought Pfizer nerly a year ago and am considering adding to my position at the moment.

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