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Question: Hi James, I was just wondering if you received your AUO special %5(five new shares for every hundred)dividend. The note I received said I should have had it last week but it’s still not in my account–I want to know if I should have recieved it by now.

Answer: Sorry, but I have no idea. I don’t own AUO. It is looking more interesting than ever though. The share price has fallen after a recent downgrade but the numbers look nice at first glance. Yahoo Finance has a $32.32 target (currently at 17.78) and a PEG of 0.06. It seems too good to be true so I wouldn’t buy without looking at this one a lot more closely.

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  1. greedyturtle says:

    It seems all bad news are out. Investors are panic. A new low in mid 14’s. With market cap at $800 millions and camara phone production for Chrismas heating up, I don’t see why we should not buy here. However, to buy at the exact low is impossile.

  2. greedyturtle says:

    sorry that comment is directed to ovti.