Real estate in New Orleans city & suburbs

It seems that speculators are hard at work in the New Orleans real estate market. Homes in the suburbs (which didn’t flood) are selling for a quite a bit more than they used to. However, “flooded houses in the city are being bought as well, often at deep discounts of as much as $50 a square foot less than they would have sold for before the hurricane.”

Since the houses in the city itself often end up being the most desirable, I think this is a risk that might pay off for the speculators.

2 Responses to “Real estate in New Orleans city & suburbs”

  1. Paul says:

    I believe its the right time to buy the hurricane affected houses at lower prices forgetting all about expected natural calamities, think positively and think of the possible profits. Right decisions at the right time matters a great to ve a secured future.

  2. olivia says:

    well said paul,i’l agree with you we have to take the right decisions at right time.Investing in real estates is always a gud option but however if u r a novice then I suggest u do a gud research of the market before u enter it.