Rich Dad, Poor Dad (the sequel)

So I’ve been reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom, which is a bit short on specific financial information. It does, however, present some interesting theories.

Kiyosaki argues that the key to financial freedom is to start a business (a successful one generates passive income) and then invest that money (he seems to prefer real estate although he does mentione that investing in other businesses can be fruitful. Interestingly, he argues that specialization is better than diversification.

Anyway, the types of businesses he suggests are interesting: build your own corporate system (this is what Kiyosaki did), buy a franchise, or do network marketing (the option I’m working on and the one Kiyosaki seems to recommend).

The next step is to become a highly educated investor, and while he suggests a few books, this is where the book lacks specific information.

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  1. JB says:

    This other guy Phil Town is big on educating yourself. He’s mentoring people on his site. If you read his site and them email him questions about getting into the market and anayzing stocks, he’ll respond. Seems like a nice dude and gets into a TON of detail for a blog. He’s got a book coming out too. “Rule #1 Investing.” URL is