Stock idea – Lifeline Biotechnologies

On November 29, 2003, a friend told me about Lifeline Biotechnologies,, a penny stock which was .0091 cents a share or something. He sold out of it because it has some issues. For one, it keeps issuing new shares to finance its projects, thus diluting shareholder value. He called investor relations, and said that the guy who answered said “Hello” as if it was a home phone line. This made him wary of some sort of scam. However the web site looks quite nice:

One of their products was recently approved by the EU and sales on the Nipplescope (breast cancer detection) begin soon. I got in at around .02 and the stock is now around .027.

Naturally, you have to be extra careful with pinksheet stocks, and honestly I bought this one more on hype (the EU approval and everything) than anything else. As always, I’m not giving advice; just ideas.

2 Responses to “Stock idea – Lifeline Biotechnologies”

  1. Kirk Liepold says:

    Wish I would have read this back before I lost my ass on this BS stock.

  2. kproulx says:

    You’re right when you said that you have to be careful with penny stocks. When I first started to invest I would listen to other people’s suggestions and then I found out that if other people know about that stock already it was probably already inflated and not a good pick. I then found a free guide online,, and after reading their tips and using other sites that they recommended I started making good choices. I found the best way to choose a good penny stock is to watch what items people around your are buying, what services are popular in your area and checking out companies that provide the popular items, or services. I hope this information helps.