Stock market blog review

Random Roger’s Big Picture is a blog written by someone who really knows his stuff. I like the way Roger Nusbaum thinks: for example he looked at the Swiss markets to see if it offered a chance to diversify for US investors. He also looked at investment ideas in Switzerland.

I think that Roger’s insights offer investors a lot of interesting reading, so check out Random Roger’s Big Picture.

2 Responses to “Stock market blog review”

  1. Mark Williams says:

    DIGF – Digital Fusion Inc is expected to fall seriously short of analysists expectations. Continued aquired debt and investor worry that the company will continue to provide negative returns, this stock is expected to not only underperform the market but eventually be removed from listings.
    Nasdaq – DIGF expected to underperform in both short-term (6-12 months) and long-term (12-18 months) and it is recommended that investors reduce their positions in the following manner:
    Sell – This stock’s long-term fundamentals may be threatened; do not expect to recover principal over the long term.

  2. Jack Kavitts says:

    The head of Digitals Summit division Mike Wicks, which handles government contracts, has signed an impeach the president petition at
    Hows that for a government support company