Stocks with dividends for volatile markets

I was watching an interview on Bloomberg television and the two men being interviewed both said something that I have believed for a long time. They said buy stocks with dividends. I look for dividends anyway, but they said that dividend yields were especially desirable because this summer is likely to be a choppy one for the stock market.

Some dividend yielding stocks I own: IMH (which recently reported good earnings but is sensitive to interest rate increases), DVY (actually an ETF), FDP (which recently reported bad earnings but is a good value pick according to some), MCGC, and PFE.

I used to own HCN (read why I sold HCN), and MO.

3 Responses to “Stocks with dividends for volatile markets”

  1. ganesh says:

    Just fine go ahead and add my link on this website , i will also do the same , mail me back on it.

  2. n/a says:

    speaking of dividends, what are your thoughts on:

    and NHY

  3. George says:

    Dividends? Time to think about small stocks?