Taxing private jets more and large airlines less

I just read an interesting article on Bush’s plan to increase taxes on provate jets and decrease them on commercial airliners.

I’m all for paying less tax and have no trouble passing the bill onto corporations, but there are economic concerns, particularly the effect this will have on rural areas which depend on provate jets.

Warren Buffet’s NetJets and similar companies would also be adversely affected. The new taxes for private jets would be substantial:

Under current law, the government collects $2,015 in taxes every time a full Boeing Co. 757-200 jet flies between New York and Florida, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. A General Dynamics Corp. Gulfstream 4 business jet flying a similar route — and requiring the same amount of attention from air-traffic controllers — pays $236, agency figures show.

Under Bush’s plan, the operators of the Boeing jet would pay $1,298, and owners of the Gulfstream would pay $837.

Considering that each jet receives the same attention from air traffic controllers, it makes sense to me. And when I think of people flying around in private jets I don’t think of people who can’t afford to pay a little extra tax. My only concern would be the effects on rural states but I haven’t seen any estimates on that one.

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