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This email interested me because I used to be a TD Waterhouse customer. I switched to Ameritrade and have found over the years that their customer service is far superior to that of TD Waterhouse. Anyway, they will soon be one company:

This is an exciting time to be an Ameritrade client. As you may have heard, Ameritrade has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the U.S. brokerage business of TD Waterhouse. This means you will soon have more tools, more choices and more of the edge you need to be a power player in the financial markets.

You’ll get the best of everything in one company named TD Ameritrade. We’ll be taking the powerful robust online trading tools, advanced technology, and 24/7 service you expect from Ameritrade, and adding the extensive branch network, personalized investment services and financial advice that TD Waterhouse offers.

The future of trading and investing is on its way.

The proposed acquisition of TD Waterhouse will require regulatory and shareholder approval and this will take some time – probably six months. We’ll then spend several months bringing the strengths of both companies together. During this time, you can continue to use all of Ameritrade’s services and features just as you do today. There’s nothing you need to do differently. You can keep informed of our progress at and we’ll contact you, in writing, well in advance of any changes.

A hint of good things to come.

You can expect many of the same benefits for which you chose Ameritrade, including:
An advanced trading platform
Quality execution, speed and pricing*

5 Responses to “TD Ameritrade”

  1. Jayasimhan says:

    I am a new entrant into the world of investments.It would be great if you could write a blog which would help people like me… or just guide me through some websites which would give a basic idea on investing.


  2. James Trotta says:

    Most web sites won’t give you specific advice unless you pay, but generally speaking I like index funds for most investors with some diversification, such as gold stocks and REITs.

  3. Santiago says:


    I am a stock market enthusiast and I’m getting ready to start a portfolio buying stock through Ameritrade. I have heard that there is software in the market that helps you analyze a certain stock and also can tell you when to get in an when to get out (like Wizetrade), what do you know a bout this software, it’s reliable or is just a scam?

    Do you think that the tools offered by Ameritrade are enough to make a buying decision?

    Thank you for your time.

    Santiago in Houston.

  4. James Trotta says:

    I am not familiar with any of the analytic software available and I would never trust a software program to make my investment decisions for me.

    Honestly I don’t use the Ameritrade research tools much. I use Yahoo! Finance.

  5. Richard Randall says:

    I would like to know TD Ameritrade email address if there is one. Thank you.