UNAM and other lesser known stocks

Motley Fool recently wrote about 4 stocks that Wall Street mostly or entirely ignores:

Healthstream (Nasdaq: HSTM)
National Research (Nasdaq: NRCI)
MoSys (Nasdaq: MOSY)
Unico American (Nasdaq: UNAM)

These meet 1 of Peter Lynch’s criteria in that they are still ‘under the radar’. If Wall Street analysts paid more attention to these stocks you would see higher valuations making them more likely to be good value picks now. That’s not to say that no one owns these stocks. Take a look at the major holders of UNAM for instance.

Anyway, just a few ideas for you to look into. Remember to do your research. The Peter Lynch criteria that isn’t being met (at least by me) is that when you buy a stock you’re supposed to know something about what the company does and why it will succeeed.

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