USTarcom: Chinese market makes no sense

Motley Fool is talking about how some companies in China are being pounded undeservedly, specificlally UTStarcom. With the Chinese economy growing so quickly, I don’t think investors can ignore it. However the risks of investing in a developing country are compounded by concerns about human rights (the Government is planning to monitor text messaging on cell phones to look for criminals, including political diissidents) as well as issues with Taiwan and to a lesser extent Hong Kong.

Anyway, back to UTStarcomm. They apparently do some business with CHA or China Telecom (a company I’ve invested in). Naturally I hope that the text message monitoring won’t adversely effect CHA. Meanwhile this other company is buying back shares, entering new markets and making acquisitions while it trades at 15 times earnings. It may be worth looking into for anyone who wants more exposure to China.

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