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  1. Nick Sebrell says:

    New construction is most welcome in Manhattan. You might think that as a condo owner, I might want the tight supply situation to continue. However, it’s as big a problem for those of us in condos as those who want to buy a condo. You see, I’ve been completely priced out of the market for 3 bedroom apartments, so I have to remain in my current, smaller apartment. I would love to trade up, but the extra $600K is a bit out of my reach for now. Hopefully the increase in supply will have some impact on prices.

  2. James Trotta says:

    That’s interesting; thanks for the comment. Can I ask if the 600,000 difference is about moving from a 2 bedroom to a 3 bedroom in the same area?

  3. Nick Sebrell says:

    Sorry for the delayed response. The $600K difference is going from a decent 1 bedroom to a cramped 3 bedroom… and in fact, my information was out of date when I posted that. The delta is now closer to $750K.

    What’s this about Human Growth Hormone!?!? LOL

  4. Lotrel says:

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